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Thank You <3 <3 <3

02 August 2006 - 02:21 AM

thank you *so* much for this program <3

1) i was *spoiled* with simplemu* like others here. i bought my license a long time ago but i was using tf on the mac and that, quite honestly, kinda is sucky. i like having a terminal and stuff but not to mush with.

2) this is *awesome*. a friend of mine showed this to me and i was blown away. i also can only second what others have said about savitar and cantrip and others. i am *so* glad you made atlantis. if you make a license to buy, i'm buying it. =)

3) it's really great how you have tabs or a sidebar like that. i totally <3 that. thank you. the first program for osx with tabs/sidebar that i know of.

4) maybe you can fix up the window so that it can do transparency? or a background image? i know this sounds totally stupid but i love my hearts (pink) background image on my terminal. don't laugh...please. =) but no biggie. i'm just kinda...happy that i found atlantis tonight. =)

5) i *love* how you included the mac spellchecker. i missed that tons from my simplemu*. it's awesome. i type fast but sometimes i typo a lot and it's nice to have backup. =)

6) can you make the prefs pane come up with apple- comma? like other mac programs. i just noticed it doesn't have a hot key.

7) i tried to change the icon to this pretty SuMa icon but it wouldn't stick, and then i figured it was because of the activity notice thing in the dashboard which, might i add, is uber kewl. seriously. so i don't mind so much. =)

8) that's about it other than lavishing you again with so much praise. =) thank you again <3


p.s. again...thank you =) seriously, i never thought i'd see the day! and i tried them all.