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In Topic: Cursor Colours

16 January 2012 - 11:45 AM

Unfortunately, this is a side effect; the white version of the i-beam cursor I set doesn't always 'take' until certain mouse events trigger it. If anyone has a good workaround for this issue, let me know. The only method I've ever found requires Tiger or later to work, and so can't compile if I build Atlantis with Panther support. (If I take the plunge and kill Panther support, it'll be an easy fix.)

I have the same problem with that nearly invisible black I-beam. Perhaps you should take a poll of your registered users to see how much of a crimp you would hvae by dropping Panther. I have poor eyesight as it is. I don't need to compound the problem by hunting for a shy I-beam. :D

Many thanks!