._###_.          _#___.
             H@  .N@@@@L               _@@@@@@@@L       J@@@@@@@@N_.
            N@).@@@@@@@@@.           J@@F   `N@@@)      @@@@@@@@@@@@@L
           J@@@@@F""4@@@@@_        (@@N`      4@@@     (@F     `"N@@@@N.
          .@@@@`      #@@@@)      .N@H`       (@@@)     @L._       4@@@@
          (@@@` .'    `N@@@H      H@@)        `@@@`     @N@@)       N@@@.
          H@@`         `@@@@     J@@)          HF       @@@@        J@@@
         (@@#           H@@@)   (@@@                    @@@H      .N@@N`
        .@@@)           (@@@)   @@@)                    @@@)    .J@@H"
        @@@@`           J@@@   (@@@                     @@@  .J@@N`
       J@@@@            @@@F   @@@F                    (@@@H@@H"
       N4@@H           (@@@)   @@@)           ..     ._@@@@F`
        (@@#           J@@"   (@@@)          JN@L    4@@@@@L
        (@@H          (@@)    (@@@)         #@@@N    `4@@@@@H
        #@@N         (@@)     (@@@)        J@@@@F      @@@@@@@L
        #@@@.       J@@)      (@@@@.     .@@@@@@)     .@@F4@@@@N.
        (@@@L     .N@N`        N@@@L   .J@H`N@@@`     (@@   4@@@@N.
        `@@@@N__J@@@F          (@@@@@@@@@F  @@@)      (@F     "N@@@H
         (@@@@@@@@F             `@@@@@@`    @@@)     (N@)       (@@@@L
          `N@@@H"                 `""      .@@@      `4@`        `H@@@L.
                                           (@@)                     `4@@
                                           (@@`                        "
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Please be aware:
This MUSH makes use of an automated idle-nuke mechanism, so please be sure
to logon regularly to avoid being deleted. Idle-purged characters will -not-
be recovered; it is the individuals' responsibility to ensure they do not
get nuked and take precautions just in case (i.e. @decompiling all work
such as code, building, etc.). Thank you for your understanding.
-- The OGR Staff Team
Squeeze my moooose!!
 WELCOME: (Jul 6/03) Welcome to OGR, your one-stop shopping for MU*-related gaming!
Last connect was from duo.noderunner.net on Tue Apr 11 22:52:20.750641 2006.
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 |         This laboratory is clearly the residence of a madgirl, a       
 | spark. Half-built devices of unknown purpose are scattered around on   
C| the benches, with wires and rods and glass spheres and gears placed    
A| everywhere. A box of wrenches and other, more esoteric, tools rests on
S| one workbench, along with a pair of safety goggles. A small steam      
T| boiler rests at one end of the workbench, and a pile of clockwork      
L| gears are scattered beside it. A few darker spots on the wood attest   
E| to where spills of oil or grease weren't able to be completely erased  
 | during some creative mishap.                                           
H|         A small clank wanders around the room, trying in vain to keep  
E| up with the clutter left behind by its creator.                        
E| (Apologies to Phil and Kaja Foglio for yanking 'Girl Genius'           
R| terminology!)                                                         
N| Contents: Sparks                                                      
 | Exits:                                                                 
 |     Code Test <CT>                                                     
 |     Out <O>                                                           
GAME: Sparks has connected.
*  Job# Type  Description                    Due      Assigned To      Status
     20 WEB   Studio H web addition          --HOLD-- Siobhan          ON HOLD
    453 CODE  Broken code                    -------- Siobhan          UNDERWAY
    461 DOCS  The Great NEWS Update          OVERDUE! Siobhan          3/4 DONE
    485 WEB   Contact forms                  -------- Siobhan          1/4 DONE
    617 WEB   New Embassies Site             -------- Avarice            NEW   
    830 APPS  Embassy App from Gareth        --HOLD-- Avarice          ON HOLD
    843 ADMIN The Great Purge                --HOLD-- Siobhan          ON HOLD
    862 ADMIN AWOL Ambassador Rules          06/15/06 Siobhan          1/2 DONE
    883 APPS  Embassy App from Kubla         OVERDUE! Avarice            NEW   
    892 APPS  Embassy App from Sworisvor     OVERDUE! Avarice            NEW   
    913 APPS  Embassy App from Bannon        OVERDUE! -                  NEW   
    917 WEB   Embassy App from Crystal       OVERDUE! Siobhan            NEW   
*   918 REQ   Martian Dreams Embassy         -------- Siobhan            NEW   
==========================| * Denotes New Activity |===========================
Sparks waves to the viewers.
You say, "Hi, this is a quick example of Atlantis' ability to log in HTML format, while preserving ANSI color and even adding some custom CSS styling."
JOBS: Job 917 transferred to EMAPP.
You say, "I've added a rule which marks certain lines with a class of 'page' -- when generating the logfile, this is added as an additional CSS class to any of the matching <div/> elements. This means I can add some additional styling to those classes... a useful little gimmick, to say the least!"
[Wizened] Siobhan says, "Nite :)"
Sparks pages: Both of these are marked as 'page' lines.
You paged Sparks with 'Both of these are marked as 'page' lines.'
GAME: Siobhan has disconnected.
[Public] Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Wilco says, "CE is much better."
[Public] Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Wilco nods sagely.
You say, "La."
[Public] Angel Reverend Othic much.
[Public] Angel Reverend Othic offers a sage nod.
You say, "This is nice, as you can add custom css rules, custom XHTML blocks, and so on. This means it's easy to have logs already pre-generated for use on a logfile site. Since each 'paragraph' of text is in its own div, changing spacing and suchnot is merely a matter of editing the .css file. As I did here, to add the indenting and define what the 'page' class meant."
Sparks has little else to say, so will sign off here. :)
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